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Just in time for Advent and preparation of Christmas are these 2 wonderful offerings available for a discounted combo price of more than 10%!

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The Mystery of Christmas
Abbot Giuseppe Ricciotti, CRL and Fr. Ferdinand Prat, SJ; Edited by Aloysius Croft

Originally printed in 1956 (now enlarged with many new images and explanatory captions) this unique book about Christmas is best described by its editor in his Preface:
"There are many beautiful books about Christmas. The Christmas story is the sort of story that inspires loving thoughts and lovely fancies that yearn to be communicated—to be spoken or written down. But of all the many books about Christmas, we know of none just like this one; and that must be our excuse for it.

Legends and stories are well enough, particularly when they are as beautiful as many of the Christmas legends are; but the plain facts can be beautiful too. Hence, we have gone back to the Gospels for the basic framework of the story, because there is no other place to go. St. Luke and St. Matthew tell us all we really know about it; while St. John goes back beyond Nazareth and Bethlehem into heaven itself, for the eternal generation of the divine Son. This is primary source material."

The Christmas Presepio in Italy
Nesta De Robeck
1934 reprint and enlarged with biograpnies of mentioned artists and historical persons.

One of the most cherished devotional practices of Roman Catholics during the seasons of Advent and Christmas is the Nativity Scene—or as known in Italian—the Presepio.

In this charming booklet, Nesta De Robeck (1886-1983) briefly provides an historical account on the artistry of the Presepio devotion and how over the centuries it grew in popularity throughout Italy, and thereby in the churches and homes of Roman Catholics everywhere.

These 2 books are being offered for a combined discount of $16.00 (plus shipping) [marked down from $21.85].

Christmas Combo

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