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In collaboration with THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT


A premium quality 21-inch diameter ciborium veil made of white liturgical jacquard brocade and gold bullion trim that will give dignified reverence to the Blessed Sacrament.


Veil size is suitable for either a medium-height ciborium with a wide cup (200 host capacity) or a tall ciborium with a small cup (150 host capacity).


This ciborium veil is handsewn and has the following specifications:

  • Center hole is "one-size-fits-all", thus wide enough to fit over any cover pull (e.g., cross)
  • Decorative side features liturgical jacquard brocade with a raised white-on-white fleur-de-lis pattern
  • Lining is high-quality gold sheen fabric with clean finished edges
  • 7/8 inch gold metallic trim with brush fringe finishes the center opening and bottom hem
  • For superior durability all circular edge seams have been double top-stitched
  • Center opening is blanket-stitched to secure the front and lining fabrics


Just 1 ciborium veil of this jacquard brocade style is for sale; first-come, first served!

Ciborium Veil-Fleur-de-lis