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The Franciscan spirituality that inspired Padre Pio!

83 audio meditations on the Sundays, octaves, and major feasts of our Lord

Read by Alex Barbas | 15 hours of audio!


CANADIANS: save on shipping and order from our Canadian distributor!


All 83 audio meditations (MP3s) are now provided on a single USB (portable thumbdrive)!

Note: this USB format has superseded the original single MP3 file download option.


Discover the riches of the Church's Liturgical Year through the eyes of Franciscan spirituality with these audio readings.


Written by Capuchin Fr. Bernardin Goebel, Franciscan Meditations is a 7-volume set published in 1962 that is nearly impossible to obtain today.

Each MP3 audio file features an insightful segment from Fr. Goebel about a Sunday, octave or feast day of our Lord during the Church's Liturgical Year accordig to the 1962 calendar of the traditional Roman Mass.

Play these files on your computer or transfer them to your mobile device to listen while you work, drive or play!


Comes on a labelled USB thumbdrive with a storage case and printed insert featuring a list of all recordings. $35.00 plus shipping.


Note: if you have purchased individual MP3 recordings of Franciscan Meditations in the past, please contact us for a discounted price.


Here's what you'll get on the USB:
Advent Season
1st Sunday of Advent: Penance of Advent (10:34)

2nd Sunday of Advent: The Longing of Advent (10:46)

3rd Sunday of Advent: Joy of Advent (10:29)

4th Sunday of Advent: Final Preparation of Advent (11:01)

Christmas Week
Christmas Vigil: Bethlehem (7:07)

Christmas Day: The Mystery of Christmas (9:48)

Dec 26 (Feast of St. Stephen): Heroic Mutual Love (12:09)

Dec 27 (Feast of St. John): Virginal Love (11:50)

Dec 28 (Feast of the Holy Innocents): A Happy Exchange (9:26)

Sunday within the Octave of Christmas: Children of God (10:47)

Dec 29: The Virginal Mother of God (10:18)

Dec 30: The Revelation of the Divine Child (13:43)

Dec 31: Our Evening Prayer of the Year (10:11)

​New Year's Week
Octave of Christmas: Thoughts for New Year (11:49)

The Feast of the Holy Name: Power of the Name of Jesus (13:02)
Epiphany Season

The Feast of the Epiphany: The Adoration of the Magi (10:10)

The Feast of the Holy Family: The Ideal Model of the Religious Community (11:50)

2nd Sunday after the Epiphany: A Mighty King (10:37)

3rd Sunday after the Epiphany: A Merciful King (9:47)

4th Sunday after the Epiphany: A Victorious King (9:07)

5th Sunday after the Epiphany: A Wise King (11:35)

6th Sunday after the EpiphanyKing of the World (11:10)

Pre-Lent Season
Septuagesima Sunday: A Serious Call (12:17)

Sexagesima Sunday: A Strong Encouragement (10:40)

Quinquagesima Sunday: Motive and Proof (9:32)
Season of Lent
26. Ash Wednesday: First Practice of Penance (14:51)

1st Sunday of Lent: The Savior, Model and Strength (12:17)

2nd Sunday of Lent: Through Lenten Labors to the Glory of Easter (10:47)

3rd Sunday of Lent: The Victory of Christ Within Us (11:13)

4th Sunday of Lent: Nobility and Riches of the Child of God (11:00)

Passion Sunday: Our Divine-Human High Priest (12:54)

Palm Sunday: The Procession of Triumph and Suffering of the Lord (10:23)

Sacred Triduum
Holy Thursday: The Legacy of the Lord (11:17)

Good Friday: Crucified – Glorified (12:39)

Holy Saturday: Holy Easter Night (13:57)

Easter Week
Easter Sunday: “The Lord Has Risen” (11:51)

Easter Monday: Good Friday and Easter (12:43)

Easter Tuesday: Deliverance from Sin (13:21)

Easter Wednesday: Our Rebirth (14:13)

Easter Thursday: Children of God (12:35)

Easter Friday: Child of God and Child of Man (13:10)

Easter Saturday: Our Mother (11:30)

Easter Time
Low Sunday: Eating at God’s Table (11:10)

2nd Sunday after Easter: Christ and His Own (10:42)

3rd Sunday after Easter: The Lot of the Apostles (11:59)

4th Sunday after Easter: God’s Unchanging Goodness (10:23)

5th Sunday after Easter: Praying in the Name of Jesus (10:39)

6th Sunday after Easter: Witness to Christ (9:55)

The Feast of the Ascension: Sursum Corda: Lift Up Your Hearts (10:22)


Vigil of Pentecost: The Gift of Fortitude (9:38)

Pentecost Sunday: “Filled with the Holy Spirit” (9:33)

Pentecost Monday: Our Personal Pentecost (10:00)

Pentecost Tuesday: The Gift of Wisdom (9:42)

Pentecost Wednesday: The Gift of Understanding (8:43)

Pentecost Thursday: The Gift of Knowledge (10:00)

Pentecost Friday: The Gift of Counsel (9:13)

Pentecost Saturday: The Masterpiece of the Holy Spirit (9:09)


Time after Pentecost
1st Sunday after Pentecost; The Feast of the Holy Trinity: A Solemn Te Deum (10:27)

2nd Sunday after Pentecost: Our Sacrifice (10:52)

Corpus Christi (Thursday): A Feast of Homage and Gratitude (10:20)

The Feast of the Sacred Heart (Friday): Love and Suffering (11:18)

3rd Sunday after Pentecost: Secure in the Love of Jesus (9:58)

4th Sunday after Pentecost: “The Lord is My Salvation” (9:37)

5th Sunday after Pentecost: True Brotherly Love (9:16)

6th Sunday after Pentecost: Baptism and Eucharist (10:27)

7th Sunday after Pentecost: The Old and the New Man (10:50)

8th Sunday after Pentecost: The Duties Placed on Us by Our Baptism (9:47)

9th Sunday after Pentecost: “For Our Correction” (9:14)

10th Sunday after Pentecost: The Right Way to Pray (10:39)

11th Sunday after Pentecost: Remembrance and Renewal (8:42)

12th Sunday after Pentecost: Our Happy Life as Christians (12:46)

13th Sunday after Pentecost: Supernatural Growth (9:00)

14th Sunday after Pentecost: The Law of Providence (9:59)

15th Sunday after Pentecost: Sowing and Reaping (9:10)

16th Sunday after Pentecost: Healing of Souls (10:05)

17th Sunday after Pentecost: A Blessed Community (9:13)

18th Sunday after Pentecost: The Coming of the Lord (10:20)

19th Sunday after Pentecost: The Freedom of the Sons of God (10:06)

20th Sunday after Pentecost: In the Land of Exile (9:34)

21st Sunday after Pentecost: Forgive (12:08)

22nd Sunday after Pentecost: Be Faithful in Duty (11:28)

23rd Sunday after Pentecost: Heaven Our Home (9:41)

24th Sunday after Pentecost: The Triumphant Coming of the Lord (11:39)

Franciscan Meditations [for Mass] USB

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