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Fr. Arthur Tonne | Bio


This 1952 work of Fr. Tonne has a two-fold purpose: to assist priests with framing a funeral sermon, while offering some bereavement for those in mourning.

Fr. Tonne’s story-telling style is once again present in the sermons he provides for different types of persons. He also prefaces his Particular Talks with explanations on general items such as the Catholic funeral ceremonies and Requiem Mass, the nature of death, the immortal soul and Purgatory, as well as the importance of praying for the Holy Souls.

In every case, these talks are enlightening, while also providing some commiseration for the loss of an esteemed or loved one—all the while providing hope in the Eternal Life to come for those who are faithful to Christ.

168 pages, softcover.

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Funeral Talks

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