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You can help Roman Catholic priests and seminarians learn more about the traditional Latin Mass by giving them this package of instructive books [biretta not included], discounted at 25%.


A Latin Guide for Priests

Provides the more romano Latin pronunciation rules for the priest's parts.


The Priest’s Chants and Recitatives at the Altar

An instructional on the parts sung by the priest.


The Saints Who Pray with Us in the Mass

Originally written for priests, this informative book explains who are the saints mentioned during the Ordinary and Canon of the Mass.


De Defectibus Compendium

A important reference on defects that can occur during the celebration of Mass.


Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal

An invaluable resource that provides the 1960 Code of Rubrics for the calendar, classifications and more!


2023 Ordo

An indispensable reference, the Ordo explains how to setup the breviary and missal per the rubrics.


All 6 of these books are being offered as a package with a 25%  discount (plus shipping).


Note: To have this instructional package sent directly to a priest or seminarian, please enter their shipping info during checkout.


Priest's Instructional Package

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