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Straws Show the Wind; Peregrinus Goes Abroad; Chapter 15

Straws Show the Wind
I’ve noticed that most priests, after placing the Host on the paten at ‘’ut ope misericordiae tilt the paten up upon the foot of the chalice, and keep it so until the Sacred Species have been consumed.

Now I’m not a student of details, in Liturgy or anything else, but I’ve never been able to understand why they do this”... Peregrinus Goes Abroad

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Server's Mass Responses Card
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Server's Mass Responses Card
"The Server’s Mass Responses Cards are a great resource for traditional Latin Mass altar boys. We have used them for several months at St. Sebastian’s Roman Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio.

The altar boys have become more confident in their Latin responses, and a number of the boys use the cards... to practice at home.

Thank you for all that you do to assist in the celebration of the Tridentine Mass!"

Matthew Akers - Barberton, OH

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Automobile Medals

Automobile Medals
“I’ve often wondered,” said Father Maduro, as the Swerve threaded its way among the Wisconsin hills, “just why St. Christopher was chosen as the patron and protector of automobilists..."

“Possibly because of the old belief that those who looked upon the face of the Giant-Saint would not, that day, be struck down by sudden death,” replied the Liturgiologist... Peregrinus Goes Abroad


Discourses on Solemn Mass: The Altar: Part 3

Discourses on Solemn Mass
The Altar: Part 3: Having examined the structural components of the altar, we now turn our attention to its appointments and vesture that adorn the stone of sacrifice for the celebration of the sacred liturgy.

Of the various appointments that grace the altar, the first that we must call attention to is the crucifix...
Instaurare Omnia in Christo

Can a sister be the sacristan in a parish church?

Can a sister be the sacristan in a parish church?
An erroneous assertion has been spreading in some quarters of the Internet that a female religious should not be a sacristan in a parish church.

This study explains the Church's attitude through her history, practice and laws on this matter.


On Processions - Peregrinus Goes Abroad

On Processions
“Have you ever noticed,” asked the Liturgiologist, “how the good Sisters who arrange such ceremonies as May Processions, Corpus Christi Processions, Forty Hours Processions and the like, always get the cart before the horse, and exalt details into essentials, letting the essentials take care of themselves or not, as the case may be?”  Peregrinus Goes Abroad

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