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"Should I genuflect?" What to do during the Sacred Triduum

"Should I genuflect?"
What to do during the Sacred Triduum
The last 3 days of Holy Week allows us to see some ancient liturgical practices as well as the full spectrum of reverences in the Roman Rite, which can be confusing to the average layperson.

Don't ever be confused again! This brief article includes a free reference card that explains what correct kind of reverence should be made during each day and why!

Ready to train your altar servers?
Romanitas Press can help with books, serving guides and its...

Server's Mass Responses Card
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Server's Mass Responses Card
"The Server’s Mass Responses Cards are a great resource for traditional Latin Mass altar boys. We have used them for several months at St. Sebastian’s Roman Catholic Church in Akron, Ohio.

The altar boys have become more confident in their Latin responses, and a number of the boys use the cards... to practice at home.

Thank you for all that you do to assist in the celebration of the Tridentine Mass!"

Matthew Akers - Barberton, OH

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Why Altar Boys?

Why Altar Boys?
“But why, in the name of Martinucci,” exclaimed the Liturgiologist, “must a Mass Server always be a sniveling little brat with his wrists bursting out of his cassock far too short for him, a very imperfect knowledge of the responses he has to say, and a generally rowdy and unedifying appearance” “Pere, Pere,” remonstrated the Antiquary.  Peregrinus Goes Abroad
Get your Holy Week serving notes!
These FREE notes feature detailed instructions for the servers (and celebrant), diagrams, and footnotes. They also include many tips and explanations about the preparations and execution of the ceremonies absent from other manuals. 

Palm Sunday high form serving notes

Palm Sunday
high form

Holy Thursday high form

Holy Thursday
high form

Good Friday high form

Good Friday
high form

Easter Vigil high form

Easter Vigil
high form
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Extra-Liturgical Devotions

Extra-Liturgical Devotions
“Very well, then,” said the Antiquary, warming up to the discussion, “If these extra-liturgical functions are extra, why must they always conform to a custom as strict as it is silly, and never vary at all? Nowadays, when Vespers is a forgotten office in our parish churches, we seldom have any sort of an evening service..."  Peregrinus Goes Abroad

The Moderate Pace

The Moderate Pace

In the Gospel of St. Mark, the perfection of Christ’s humanity is described with the phrase “He hath done all things well.”

The altar server has many opportunities to sanctify himself and serve intelligently and reverently by executing his office of acolyte "at a moderate pace"...


On Bells

On Bells
I was just going in to town to get a ‘Sanctus Bell,’” said the Antiquary. “We have a gong, but I seem to remember you once wrote something about gongs being forbidden.”

“If I didn’t, I should have, and I will,” replied the Liturgiologist. “For the tribe of gongs seems on the increase..."  Peregrinus Goes Abroad


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