Articles by Louis Tofari

Why is "1962" a misnomer for the Missale Romanum? Explore some particularities about Benziger Brothers' USA missal.

The history of the altar bell and why it is rung at certain times during Mass.

When the altar bell should be rung and how many times...

Can blessed incense or a cross be carried in procession for a non-pontifical Mass?

A common frustration shared by thurifers is effectively lighting charcoals...

Some rules about the biretta during non-Eucharistic processions and funerary rites...

Why are customary kisses given during Mass and when are they omitted?

This principle exemplifies the Romanitas characteristic of logic.

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A brief treatise on Blessed Sacrament processions and some related issues.

The first saint's calendar entry in the Proprium Sanctorum section of the altar missal is of St. Saturninus which includes some interesting points.

Cleaning a thurible is often considered as an unenviable sacristy task and a “necessary evil”...

Two articles about the Dialogue Mass and many liturgical misconceptions often associated with it.

It has been asserted that a female religious cannot be a sacristan in a parish church...

Discourses on Solemn Mass

An informative series of articles about the Solemn form of the Roman Mass. These pieces are featured at Angelus Press' blog.

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Seasonal articles

A frequent question is when a I or II Class Feast (or Octave Day) falls on a Friday is the traditional rule to abstain still observed?

Some info about the Advent Ember Days, their intentions and significance for Christmas preparation.

A Liturgical Quickie about the Roman custom of rose vestments, and the liturgical tone of subdued joy.

A description about some practices seen in relation to the Christmas Day Masses.

Discover the reasons behind the types of reverences made during the Sacred Triduum.

Highlights of St. Pius X's liturgical reforms and some interesting internet links about him.

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Every Holy Saturday the question arises: does the traditional fast of Lent end at noon or midnight?

Some helpful tips for how (and why) to serve a Low Mass on an Ember Day.

Some considerations about the Advent Wreath in the sanctuary...

Brief explanation and videos about "O Antiphons" of Advent.

Is this stanza from "The Twelve Days of Christmas" a hidden reference to the Blessed Sacrament?

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