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Fr. Arthur Tonne was prolific writer in the 1950s and renown for his witty and conversational, story-telling style method of explaining matters of the Catholic Faith.


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Talks on the Mass
This is a tour de force on the various parts of the Mass and even some ancillary matters, such as “Altar Decorations”, “Why Latin?” and the “Best Way to Attend Mass”.

Talks on the Sacramentals
This is a goldmine of information about 59 sacramentals of the Roman Catholic Church.

Feasts of Our Lady
This book features explanations on 50 feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary and 2 additional ones for Mother's Day.


Funeral Talks

This work has a two-fold purpose: to assist priests with framing a funeral sermon, while offering some bereavement for those in mourning. Includes some general talks about the Catholic funeral rite and its arrangements.

Talks for Lent
Don't let the title deceive you! This is 2 books in one volume: Lent and the Our Father and Lent and the Capital Sins. While focused on Lent, these can be read during anytime of the year for spiritual benefit!


Combo discount!

These 5 books are being offered for a combo discount of $52.00 (plus shipping)---[marked down from $69.85]; that's 25% off!


Fr. Arthur Tonne Combo

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